10 Ways Tatje Insurance can Lower Your Rates

  • familybycarDiscounts for young drivers, including good student, driver’s training and part-time operator. We can also isolate teenage drivers to the vehicle they drive, rather then assign them to the highest rated vehicle, like most companies do.
  • Save up to 40% on multi-car discounts. These discounts applicable to married couples as well as rooming together. Having your insurance with a different company then your spouse or roommate is costing you a fortune.
  • Sizable discounts for homeowners/condo-owners/renters.
  • Low rates regardless of driving record and accident forgiveness.
  • Discount for prior coverage, especially higher limits. If traveling your policy limits increase automatically from state to state.
  • Alarm system, anti-lock brake and vin etching discounts available.
  • Customized equipment automatically included up to the first 1,000. Additional customization can be added.
  • We have an aggressive renewal department that re-shops all our carriers during your renewal cycle, to ensure that you continue to receive the best combination of price and protection while saving you time, money. And aggravation.
  • We can save anyone money who has been cancelled or non-renewed for driving activity, multiple violations, major violations, or SR-22 filings required by Department of Public Safety.
  • Maintain a good credit rating

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