Variable Immediate Annuity

Variable immediate annuity features

With an immediate annuity, you begin receiving income payments immediately. Immediate annuities are usually purchased with a lump-sum payment.

Variable deferred annuity features

Some of the advantages of variable deferred annuities include:

  • Tax-deferred growth potential in the accumulation phase (Earnings are taxed as ordinary income when withdrawn. There may be a 10% federal tax penalty on withdrawals before age 59½. Naturally, your death benefit and the cash value of the annuity contract will be reduced if you take any early withdrawals.)
  • Death benefits for your beneficiaries
  • Tax-free/penalty-free transfers among underlying investment options
  • A variety of payout options, including systematic withdrawals and annuitization (You may face surrender charges if you withdraw your money early.)
Before you invest, please read the prospectus carefully and consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the annuity and its underlying investment options before you invest. Prospectuses for products and underlying funds contain this and other important information. To obtain prospectuses, call your investment professional, contact Nationwide or click links to product information below.